Put Your Advert In My Next Viral Ebook
Next Ebook Release Date 1st February 2008
Title: '1 Hour Ebooks'

Get your advert in front of thousands of people and growing as time goes on. Without effort.

The ebook containing your advert and link to your website or auctions will be sent to John Thornhill for his next newsletter. Currently over 10,000 subscribers.All his subscribers go to his newsletter to download resale rights ebooks they can sell on eBay or their website.

Each person who buys the ebook will also be able to sell it on and every new buyer gets this right.

Every buyer will be motivated to sell it on as they'll get a pre-written sales letter and email they just need to send to the buyer if sold at auction. Their buyers simply download it from my website. All they have to do is copy the sales letter into their auction and send the buyer the email.

Over time thousands if not millions of people get to see your advert. Best way I know of marketing your website.


What's Good About This

I've looked around for many ways of getting my website seen by people. Most of the methods don't work very well and the ones that do cost money.

I've also looked around to see if anyone else was offering to include adverts in their viral ebook. But up to now I've not found anyone.

If you want to write your ebook and put your advert in then go ahead. But I've done all the hard work for you. Resell tools, download links, emails, the writing, compiling and passing to the sites where resellers will grab it.



  • Your advert in the next viral resale rights ebook forever
  • Advert can be any size (Within reason.)
  • Made available to over 10,000 serious ebook resellers on John Thornhills newsletter
  • All the work done to make it easy for people to resell it (Giving more exposure.)
  • You get a copy of the ebook yourself
  • You can sell it to others and make it available on the internet yourself
Please note: Any illegal adverts or anything related to child sex will be rejected.

Free Bonus

I'll include your advert in not just the next upcoming ebook but also the following ebook as well. For free.

2 for 1


Evidence This Works

Many articles have been written to show that this method of advertising is very effective. Have a look yourself.

Also why not go and have a look at John Thornhills newsletter. Click here http://www.newsletter.planetsms.co.uk/ (opens in new window)


Place your advert in front of millions forever for only £9.99

  • As soon as your payment has been processed you'll go to my contact page.
  • I will not have your credit card details the transaction is secure on the Paypal website.
  • Click the link there, brings up email program.
  • Enter your advert wording and url address you'd like people to go to.
  • On launch day, February 1st, you'll be sent a copy of the ebook.
  • Also a copy will be sent to John Thornhill for inclusion on his next newsletter.
  • Also a copy will be put on several free ebook download sites.

Place your advert by clicking the Buy Now button

p.s Don't waste time and get your advert in front of millions forever